New Plunger Pump Portfolio at KAMAT

Technical changes in the pump programme implicate more power input, standardisation and simplification

Panta rhei – Everything flows! Same at KAMAT! The pump and pump system manufacturer from Witten, Germany, proudly presents the future plunger pump programme as an overview in a new – and very trendy 8-sided Plunger Pump Portfolio leaflet with its new design. As one can see therein, it had to be designed in the occasion of KAMAT engineers are currently working on a number of technical developments and optimisation of their pumps in order to gain: more power input, standardisation and simplification.

“Though, still working on the last final details of the planned modifications and their realisation, we have decided to summarise all technical changes preliminary in this overview leaflet file, which we have already published. To be up-to-date, herewith, we have uploaded the leaflet’s online-version for all who are interested. We hope that the portfolio‘s new look, design and format will suit everybody and what is more important to us, that it will be helpful to everybody who is searching for the right pump. Much more we are pleased about the occasion for designing and publishing the new brochure and this is the re-designing of our pump programme”, says Managing Director Dipl. Ing. Jan Sprakel.

More outline: Of previous 13 pumps in the performance list soon only 11 remain

What will change in detail: The manufacturer’s pump programme will be tightened, unified and easier in the future. Of the previous 13 pump types in the current performance list only 11 will remain, with no losses but optimisation. The current M-Head will be omitted without loss of pressure litre options. The MCH-Head will be re-named as M, because it replaces the old M-Head. The MC-Head becomes M2-Head. The new M-Head and M2-Head will be available in any performance level with plate valves and soft valves. With the changeover all heads will be re-engineered with the objective to achieve lower NPSH-values and thus avoiding cavitation.

New replacement sets not needed, future pump-heads smaller and lighter in weight

In the future KAMAT pump heads will be smaller in their design size and thus lighter in weight. The good news for all customers and users of KAMAT plunger pumps: New replacement sets are not needed and all previous mounting parts still fit. The gear geometry and intersection will stay the same, too. A1- and A2-Head remain the same, just with standardisation of the suction hoses. The benefit to the customer is next to flexibility very clearly the NPSH optimisation with lower values. Furthermore, in each design size there is the opportunity to customise the valve design size depending on the fluid. The integrated oil coolers remain available for the mining industry.

The changes at a glance:

Pump Performance
K40000-3G / 400 kW -> Upgrade to K45000-3G/ up to 450 kW
K50000-5G / 530 kW -> Upgrade to K55000-5G/ up to 550 kW
K80000-5G / 800 kW -> Upgrade to K100000-5G/ up to 1000 kW = 1 MW
K120000-5G / 1200 kW -> Upgrade to K150000-5G/ up to 1500 kW = 1.5 MW

Pump Heads (A- and M-Head)
M-Head omitted
MCH-Head becomes M-Head MC-Head becomes M2-Head

Both heads can get either plate valves or soft sealing valves.

Please refer also to the manufacturer’s website ( where all information is updated continuously. New pump performance lists are in preparation for publishing and not available on the website yet. As this is a continuous process, it might lead to inconsistencies of information available online. Please note, that KAMAT’s revised pump finder is already online and up-to-date.

If there are any questions don’t hesitate to contact the Plunger Pump manufacturer KAMAT also directly.



Source & Picture: KAMAT

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