Canned Motor Pumps

Do you want to pump toxic media safely? Handle critical fluids reliably at extreme temperatures?
No problem with a canned motor pump!

With its hermetically sealed canned motor and an additional safety sleeve, this specialist among the centrifugal pumps can withstand even rough conditions. It is therefore particularly suitable for use in the chemical, oil, gas & petrochemical and refrigeration industries.

Technical Data & Characteristics:

  • Delivery rate:  up to 1.600 m³/h  (7,045 gpm)
  • Delivery head:  up to 2.300 m  (7.546 ft)
  • Pressure:  up to 1.200 bar  (17,405 psi)
  • Viscosity:  up to 300 mm²/sec (cSt)
  • Temperature:  -160°C till +450°C  (-253°F till +842°F)
  • pH-value:  1 – 14
  • Gases:  up to 10 %
  • Solids:  up to 2 % (max. 1 mm)
  • Installations:  horizontal, vertical
  • Submersibilities:  immersed, submerged
  • Depth:  2 – 15 m  (6.6 – 49 ft)
  • sealless design possible
  • ATEX:  suitbale for ExZones 2, 1 & 0
  • API, ISO, EN standard
  • Drive:  electro
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How a canned motor pump works

The focus of the canned motor pump is on the motor: In contrast to normal centrifugal pumps, the rotating part of the motor is on the same shaft as the pump’s hydraulics. This rotor is completely surrounded by a hermetically sealed can, which separates the rotor space from the stator of the canned motor. Since the motor is an integral part of the pump, canned motor pumps are very quiet.

In addition to the sealed can, the pressure-proof motor casing represents a second safety sleeve. Even if the fluid handled escapes from the can in case of disaster, it is prevented safely from escaping uncontrolled into the environment. Thanks to this clever design, shaft seals such as the normal mechanical seal are superfluous and there can be no leaks: The shaft seal-free canned motor pump handles fluids and fluid gases hermetically. An alternative drive possibility is magnetic couplings, which also preserve the safe, seal-free properties of this pump.

The rotor is guided by two hydrodynamic bearings, which are lubricated by the fluid handled and lift the rotor touch-free in operation. With some units, the axial forces are neutralized by a thrust balance, so that the entire rotor runs touch-free and thus also wear-free. This way, the service lives are increased, and life-cycle costs reduced.

Due to their design, canned motor pumps enable higher flow rates, heads, and pressures as compared to other centrifugal pumps. Their temperature sensitivity is also much greater, which also enables special applications in the high- or low-temperature ranges.  Furthermore, the possible viscosity of the fluid handled is comparatively high for centrifugal pumps.

Standard version of a CMP for environmentally harmful pumped media

Benefits & possible Designs

Benefits of canned motor pumps

Extreme temperatures, critical media, high system pressure: Canned motor pumps withstand adverse conditions and have proven themselves to be reliable units that fulfill high requirements in many industries and applications. With their hermetic design and doubled safety sleeve, they offer great safety in operation. Even in areas that are extremely subject to explosion, Ex zone 0 for example, they can be used without problems.

Due to the lack of mechanical seals, canned motor pumps can also score points with low maintenance requirements and a long service life – a perfect basis for low life-cycle costs. With great efficiency, high-quality units from well-known manufacturers thus represent an ideal choice for demanding users. They are designed individually in different models for different applications.

Models of canned motor pumps

  • Standard pump
  • High-pressure pump
  • Immersion pump
  • High-temperature pump
  • Cryogenic / Cryopump
  • Horizontal installation
  • Vertical installation
  • Single-stage
  • Multi-stage
  • Cooled
  • Heated
Applications of canned motor pumps

For which applications are canned motor pumps suited?

With their focus on safe, hermetic handling, canned motor pumps are used especially frequently for applications in the chemical industry, petrochemicals, the oil and gas sector, and refrigeration technology. There, they transport critical media (toxic or carcinogenic) and withstand even extreme operating conditions. They are also certified according to API 685, ISO 2858 and EN 22858.

The pressure-proof motor casing has proven itself: It enables easy handling of fluid gases with high vapor pressures. In order to transport such media, expensive shaft sealing systems are otherwise required.
As an absolutely leak-proof safety sleeve, the motor casing also enables another application: Canned motor pumps can be lowered, motor and all, into tanks and fluids and operated there. In such environments, pumps without canned motors have to be uncoupled from the motor, which requires a more complicated design to prevent sources of breakdowns such as additional bearings and increased vibrations.

Overview of typical applications for canned motor pumps

  • High-temperature applications
  • Cryo applications
  • Poisonous and carcinogenic media
  • Supercritical gases
  • LPG applications (ethylene, propylene)
  • Smelting, liquid sulfur
  • Water-glycol mixtures
  • Heat carriers (oils)
  • Refrigerants
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