Since 1974 KAMAT has been making use of water pressure with extremely powerful and reliable high-pressure systems.

The KAMAT company idea was to put water under extremely high pressure and to use this energy in a directed way. This pressure operates hydraulic systems but the is also convertible into dynamic energy, i.e. high speed. A high-speed water jet is enormously useful for many purposes: it cuts, drills, grinds, saws, peels - and a lot more. KAMAT has been developing a wide range of high-pressure technology applications.

Today they design and manufacture state of the art plunger pumps, high pressure systems as well as pump accessories. Having been operating successfully and innovatively in its industry for decades, KAMAT has designed pumps with operating pressures up to 3,500 bar and power inputs of up to 1,200 kW ready for operation. Their products convince customers in various applications worldwide; they are used in mines in Australia and on drilling rigs in the Atlantic Ocean.

Since its foundation, KAMAT has been owner-managed. This means high reliability on all levels for their customers and for their team. A wide range of customised and sophisticated equipment, service, and relationships for and with their customers is their past, present and future.



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