KAMAT Sub-Sea Pump Solution

Subsea pump unit with KAMAT plunger pump (© Image courtesy of IKM Hydraulic Services)

Pump units with KAMAT plunger pumps are ideally suited for use at seabed level

In some cases offshore applications for reinjection or well preparation high-pressure pump solutions are needed which can work at the ground level of the sea. Down to a depth of 3000 meter is not unusual. The challenge here is the high pressure in depth and the salt content of the water, which promotes corrosion of the components. The most common solution is to put the complete pump unit including the drive system into a pressure vessel, more or less like a submarine and descend that into the depths of the bodies of water. Those pump units are usually very heavy as the cover has to withstand the high pressure in depth.

Plunger pumps as alternative to most common high-pressure solution for offshore applications

A KAMAT pump solution for the task can be different. The complete pump, powertrain as well as the driving electrical motor are completely filled with oil. A compensator ensures pressure equalization between sea level and depth. The advantages to go for this more simple solution are obvious: It safes the material for a complicate pressure vessel around the pump unit. It has a lot less weight.

If several pumps are required to achieve the pump performance, it must be investigated which one represent the economically better solution. (© Image courtesy of IKM Hydraulic Services)

KAMAT pump unit for deep sea offers better temperature management and saves energy

Access to components during maintenance are much easier because no pressure vessel must be removed. As there is no difference between the pressure inside and outside the components of the KAMAT pump unit, almost standard components, certainly with needed corrosion protection, could be used. Subsea pressure is used as inlet pressure and differential pressure is developed only.
This saves drive energy. As the temperature in deep sea (below 200 meter sea level) is normally between -1° and -4° degrees Celsius, the temperature management of the oil becomes less complicated as the oil needs heating eventually which safes components compared to cooling of oil needed. Almost all pumps available from KAMAT can be setup to work as described above.

Find out more about the use of plunger pumps in the deep sea directly from the manufacturer KAMAT.

KAMAT plunger pump K25000 M 3G

Source & Pictures: KAMAT

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