Hygienic pumps

Hygienic pumps are used when sensitive media have to be transported, and these media may not allow for any contamination. For this reason, they are particularly used in the production of food and beverages. Additional application areas are the pharmaceutical industry and individual industrial applications. Hygienic design is another term that is also used more frequently when it comes to the suitability of components and installations for conveying or processing sensitive media.   Which requirements are imposed on hygienic pumps? Hygienic pumps must meet specific requirements concerning the cleaning capability, the materials used, and the surface finish. Hence, the design does away with dead spaces and rough surfaces, where germs could be deposited, in order to avoid contaminations. On top of that, the materials must be suitable for regular cleaning with acid and lye. Pumps intended for use in the corresponding areas by manufacturers are inspected by organizations such as EHEDG or 3A Sanitary Standards. If they pass the suitability test, they receive the corresponding certificate. The SPA member NETZSCH offers the following pumps in hygienic design: Also the SPA member FLUX can offer hygienic pumps. In his portfolio are: In addition other SPA members, like WITTE, can offer pumps that are particulary suitable for some hygienic applications. Back