Side Channel Pump for Low Temperatures

SERO presents side channel pumps for media temperatures down to -60 °C (-76 °F)

Reliable pumping of low flow rates at high differential heads is the core competence of SERO PumpSystems GmbH, the recognized technology leader of side channel pumps.
SERO’s low-temperature pump model SEMA-S…TT is a sealless, magnetically driven pump designed for the safe conveyance of volatile process fluids such as ammonia, LPG and CO2 at media temperatures down to -60 °C. The leak-proof “mag-drive” sealing arrangement guarantees a high level of reliability.

Pump users and operators also benefit from the pump’s extremely low NPSH requirements as well as high entrained gas capabilities to ensure consistent flow, without risk of interruptions.

Designed for low temperatures

The pump unit has been custom-designed to meet all requirements for handling low-temperature fluids. Thus, all pressurized components are made of high-impact stainless steel. Specially configured spring assemblies compensate for thermal expansion as well as a contraction of the hydraulics, which may occur while filling the pump or at standstill. Additional design features include thermal expansion inserts to avoid tensions in the pump body, optimized slide bearing providing reduced bearing fits and specific wear discs to ensure increased operational safety.

Wide range of applications

SERO’s magnetically coupled side channel pump SEMA-S…TT with additional NPSH suction impeller is available in single or multi-stage design, depending on the process-related requirements, for flow rates from 0.3 m³/h to 36 m³/h, a nominal pressure of up to 40 bar and a maximum delivery head of 430 m. Typical areas of use in which the low-temperature pump helps to achieve a significant increase in plant availability and productivity are: refrigeration plants, natural gas evaporation, regasification of LNG from ships in terminals, chemical and petrochemical industries, oil & gas industry and process engineering.



Source & Picture: SERO PumpSystems

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