NETZSCH presents ALL-NEW TORNADO® T1 Rotary Lobe Pump

Generation F significantly reduces repair times and increases energy efficiency

NETZSCH Pumps & Systems has given the proven TORNADO® T1 rotary lobe pump a facelift to increase customers’ added value further. This promises to reduce repair times by more than 40 percent and significantly improve energy efficiency. Existing systems can also be upgraded.

NETZSCH has always focused on the needs of its customers. For this reason, the pump manufacturer is continuously expanding and revising its product portfolio. Customised solutions for every application are the goal. The global specialist for complex fluid management has now given the TORNADO® T1 rotary lobe pump a facelift and upgraded it. The system can be purchased new and existing systems can be upgraded with it. In addition to the external appearance, the focus of the upgrade was primarily on technical innovations.

The first keyword is maintenance. In the past, 36 screws had to be loosened to replace the pump chamber. A well-thought-out design of the new model ensures that only 24 screws will be necessary for the future. In addition, patented sealing sleeves, which are fitted so that they do not come into contact with the medium, ensure that they can be replaced quickly in the event of maintenance. High service costs and long repair times are now a thing of the past.

In addition to the revised design, the innovative and unique GSS technology (synchronous gear protection system) ensures that the pump and gearbox compartments are spatially separated. This prevents the medium from entering the synchronising gear and the gear oil from entering the pump chamber and counteracts possible failure costs.

To counteract the currently exploding energy costs, the lobes of the TORNADO® T1 rotary lobe pump have been optimised to reduce the required drive power and save up to 25 percent energy.

An increased performance spectrum usually accompanies an upgrade. This is also the case with the ALL-NEW TORNADO® T1 rotary lobe pump from NETZSCH. In the future, the new model can handle up to ten bar pressures without problems. A flow-optimised inlet and outlet of the pump chamber also ensure less pulsation and vibration. In addition to the increased performance, the system becomes even more flexible for various applications. Up to four different mechanical seal concepts can be used and can also be changed later on. The range of seal variants has also been expanded. Therefore, 50 different designs are now available for the rotary lobe pump.

The new bearing concept of the ALL-NEW TORNADO® T1 rotary lobe pump from NETZSCH contributes to a significantly increased service life. Due to a more stable bearing of the rotary lobes and the drive shaft, wear is reduced, and the service life is increased by up to 100 percent.

All versions are ATEX and CE certified.


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Source & Picture: NETZSCH Pumps & Systems

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