Water Treatment Pumps / Sewage & Water Supply

The constantly increasing demand on clean water and the water treatment associated with it is of global importance. In addition to the globally increasing demand on drinking water, other municipal and industrial processes are also dependent on efficient solutions for water supply and water treatment.

Pumps for wastewater treatment

Due to the ever more stringent requirements on water quality worldwide, most municipalities and industries now have their own wastewater treatment plants. Depending on the specific case, radial pumps and dosing pumps are often use for this purpose. However, other pump technologies are also possible in individual cases.


Processes of water treatment

Besides other water treatment processes, the dissolved air flotation (DAF) in wastewater engineering is most widely used, because it has proven itself as an economic and efficient process for municipal as well as industrial wastewater treatment.

The dissolved air flotation is a chemical/physical wastewater treatment process in which water is initially pressurized and saturated with gas or air. Next, the water is depressurized to atmospheric pressure again, which releases a corresponding gas or air content in the form of very fine bubbles. Together with the solids, these micro-bubbles form an agglomerate that rises to the surface of the flotation tank due to its very low density, where it can be removed mechanically.


Pump application examples for water treatment

·    Industrial water treatment / plants
·    Municipal water treatment / plants
·    Flotation (incl. ozonization)
·    Drinking water purification
·    River water treatment
·    Groundwater treatment
·    Seawater desalination
·    Disinfection
·    Softening
·    Chemical dosing
·    Wastewater pump stations

Typical pumped media in water treatment

•    Wastewater (with solids)
•    Industrial water
•    Sludge / sewage sludge
•    Chemicals
•    Saltwater
•    River water
•    Fresh water
•    Drinking water

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