Pulp & Paper pumps

The manufacture of paper is one of the oldest cultural skills that has been based on the same principle ever since its discovery more than 2,000 years ago: Plant fibers dissolved in water form a contiguous fleece during their dehydration on a sieve – resulting in paper.

State-of-the-art paper machines reduce the time between the initial placement of the fiber-water suspension on the sieve to the finished paper to a few seconds. They differ mainly according to the type of paper or cardboard manufactured and the type of raw materials used. The processing sequence can be divided into four essential segments:

·    the stock preparation,
·    the paper machine,
·    the finishing, and
·    the equipment.


Water delivery in the manufacturing process

Since a lot of water is used in the manufacturing process, different types of pumps are used in all steps of the process and for wastewater treatment. Paper mills often also have their own wastewater treatment plants.

Pump types for paper production

Some of the most frequently used pumps in the pulp and paper industry are the radial pumps as well as dosing and process pumps. The decision on the exact pump technology to be employed depends on the medium, since care must be taken to ensure that pulp and fiber materials do not clog the pumps. This also applies to pulp materials in other areas/industries.

Application examples for pumps in the pulp & paper industry

·    Water delivery
·    Stock preparation
·    Coating production
·    Caustic gasification
·    De-inking
·    Flocculation
·    Paper bleaching
·    Additives
·    Dyes
·    Wastewater treatment

Typical pumped media in the pulp & paper industry

·    Water
·    Pulp / fibers
·    Water-fiber mixtures
·    Chemicals
·    Inks
·    Wastewater / industrial water

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