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Kolmeks – Industrial Group & Pump Specialist with global operations
Kolmeks is a Finnish family-owned company, founded in 1945. Kolmeks Pumps specializes in state-of-the-art inline pumps and dedicated maintenance services. Today, the group has operations and manufacturing in Finland, Estonia, China and India, providing customers with expertise in two business areas: pumps and components.

Kolmeks Components provides responsible production and supply chain solutions for manufacturing electromechanical products.

Kolmeks has been engineering pumps almost 80 years. They help their customers win critical efficiencies by offering them a portfolio of state-of-the-art pumps and a dedicated maintenance service. Their dedication to clients has created some of the longest relationships in the business. Now and in the future, the human infrastructure depends on pumps that improve the quality of lives through sustainable means.
The portfolio of products is carefully constructed to respond to the specific needs of the customers. Kolmeks designs, develops and manufactures their own pumps and complement the range with their collaborators’ products. Through this unique customer-focused thinking and ability to anticipate the changing market requirements, Kolmeks can offer a true one-stop-shop for their customers.

The KOLMEKS Factory in Turenki, Finland. Picture: ©Kolmeks


Kolmeks Oy
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Applications for Kolmeks pumps
Kolmeks develops and delivers pumps and other industrial solutions for a wide range of applications. Listed below is where our pumps are used:

  • Hospitals, health centers and nursing homes
  • Marine industry and flue gas scrubbers
  • Pressurizing and irrigation systems
  • Process industry
  • Residential construction
  • Schools and kindergartens
  • Shops, shopping centers and commercial properties
  • Spas and swimming baths
  • The primary side of district heating

Sustainable operations and products
We are dedicated to embracing the circular economy and development of technologies and processes that protect the environment and ensure maximum efficiency.
Our environmental goal is to reduce energy and water consumption as well as increase waste material utilization. Our positions in the EU, China and India help to shorten the supply chains for our global customers.

Our quality certificates

  • Environmental Management System standard: ISO 14001:2015
  • Quality Management System standard: ISO 9001:2015

Social responsibility and ethics
We believe that building social capital builds long term value for businesses and all their shareholders. We want to be the most attractive employer and ensure a safe working environment for all Kolmeks employees. Every Kolmeks employee and supplier ought to be familiar with and committed to Kolmeks code of conduct. We only trade fair.