HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH holds a world-leading position in the global market of sealless pumps.
The range of HERMETIC pumps covers canned motor pumps, magnetic drive pumps, vacuum- and positive displacement pumps. This includes standard pump designs and a variety of special designs and tailor made alternatives for specific customer needs.

HERMETIC pumps can operate in environments with fluid temperatures that span from –160 °C up to +480 °C, system pressures up to 120 MPa and powers between 1 kW up to 690 kW. To date we supplied more than 275.000 HERMETIC pumps world-wide for the most severe toxic or hazardous applications, which require zero leakage tolerance.

The after-sales service provides activities such as commissioning, modifications and inspections as well as, secured spare parts supplies with a 24/7 availability.

Headquarters and manufacturing facilities of HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH with more than 440 employees are based in Gundelfingen, near Freiburg, Germany. HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH operates its own sales and service organisation throughout Germany, several European countries, North America and China. We assure world-wide coverage through long established partnerships with carefully selected independent agents and distributors in more than 50 countries. Their subsidiary HERMETIC-Pumps Inc. USA caters for an own service facility to satisfy our customers in North America. In the Asia Pacific region, we support the expanding business in these emerging markets through a China based joint venture.


Gewerbestraße 51
79194 Gundelfingen

Phone: +49 761 5830-0
Fax: +49 761 5830-280

Facts and figures

  • 1866 - Foundation of the company LEDERLE by Wilhelm Lederle
  • 1954 - Development of our leakage-free canned motor pumps
  • 1967 - New company building incl. administrative department designated for the production of canned motor pumps in Gundelfingen.
  • 1979 - Development of seal-less pumps with magnetic drive
  • 1997 - Formation of Dalian HERMETIC Sealless Pumps Co., Ltd. in China as a Joint Venture
  • 2012 - Delivery of the world's largest canned open-cell engine with a capacity of 670 kW
  • 2015 - HERMETIC produced the heaviest and largest canned motor pump - with 20 tons and a total height of over 6 meters
  • 2016 - 150 years of company history, 60 years HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH and the grand opening of the new production hall


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