Pumps are used in all sorts of industries - wherever liquids tend to be moved. Professional pump users have access to a variety of technologies for a wide variety of uses. Which technology is primarily suitable for which industry, application examples and more can be found on the respective detail page.
Afterwards, the new PUMPselector allows you to choose the right pump for your application.

Overview of the Industries

Pumps for other Industries

Of course, the use in other industries is possible than those listed here. Just ask about the PUMP Selector.
In addition, you can take advantage of numerous case studies, useful tools, the latest news from the pump industry or our pump encyclopedia to make an informed decision in pump selection. So you always have the full expertise from the pump area available for every industry.

Or get your own impression of the pumps of the SPA members at our virtual pump fair - the SPAfair!

Come in and inform yourself about the pump technologies and innovations of the SPA pump manufacturers.

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