Pump sump

Definition: The space or chamber in which the suction nozzle of the pump is located and in which the medium to be transported is collected is referred to as pump sump (or intake chamber).

For hydraulic considerations, the pump sump is best located at the lowest point of the pump system. A system with a pump sump is generally used for drainage, i.e., for draining a liquid. Since water generally has to be drained, the system is often also referred to as wastewater pump station.
The installation of a pump sump in buildings can be due to different reasons:

  • groundwater is to be pumped off when its level is too high
  • groundwater runs off poorly, e.g. in case of heavy rain
  • the basement is below the level of the sewage system

To preserve the pump being used, attention should be paid as early as the design phase of the pump sump to ensure that the medium can flow free of turbulence and interference, so that damages such as cavitation can be avoided.

Incoming water accumulates in the pump sump and is transported away by the pump.