Plain bearing

Plain bearings a very prevalent element, particularly in centrifugal pumps. These are used for components of the pump to move against each other. In a plain bearing, a moving component glides inside a fixed component.

What types of plain bearings are available?

Plain bearings differ according to their degree of freedom. The term is based on the freedom that is being prevented in the relative movement between the components. In pumps, plain journal bearings and plain thrust bearings are often used. The forces that are at play are radial, i.e. lateral forces – or axial, i.e. longitudinal forces. Both types of plain bearings also differ according to the type of sliding resistance. Hence, there are plain bearings in which the materials of the solids rub against each other without lubrication, and then there are those with lubrication. There are also plain bearings where both variants are possible. The different designs of plain bearings allow plant operators to select a plain bearing that is matched to their specific requirements. Back