Flow measurement

Flow measurement takes place in closed pipes and measures the quantity of the flow medium per time unit. In industries where fluids are transported, the process represents one of the most important fundamental principles of process automation. In contrast to counters, which acquire a quantity within a random time frame, flowmeters are used if the instantaneous output in the piping system is to be acquired or the flow rate is to be controlled and processed. Flowmeters based on many different processes are available on the market. Typical methods are the magnetic-inductive measurement, ultrasonic measurement, pitot tubes or Coriolis mass-flow meters. Each measuring principle utilizes different variables and can represent the most suitable procedure in certain applications. Flowmeters provide an important measurand for the delivery of liquids. Depending on emergence, for example, the pump capacity can be adjusted to the demand; and warnings can be issued in case of exceeding or dropping below setpoints. Depending on the application area, many additional industry-specific applications are possible as well. Back