Dosing accuracy

Accuracy plays an important role in the dosing of fluids into a medium. The term generally designates maintaining a defined target value and its deviation from the real value in the application. Depending on the application area, not only is the accuracy of the dosing important, but also the interval and the pressure created during dosing. State-of-the-art dosing (or metering) pumps can ensure high accuracies across a wide control range with deviations as low as ± 1%.

Which dosing pump is suitable for all applications?

Depending on the application, different types of dosing pumps are used, such as diaphragm pumps, piston pumps, or stepping motor pumps and some others. The selection of the suitable pump technology also depends on the throughput. Users will find the correct dosing pump for every industry and every process in the PUMPselector.