Definition: For a pump, the dimensioning is directed towards the operating point where the maximum efficiency is achieved. The efficiency is determined by the flow rate and the head at the corresponding operating speed. Other factors also affect the efficiency and have to be taken into account accordingly during dimensioning. A decisive criterion is the pumped medium. Pump data, such as the power demand at the pump shaft, pressure losses due to flow resistances, and the NPSH value of the installation, also play a role. Besides the pump itself, the peripherals with additional components are also included, among them:
  • pump inlet,
  • pump sump,
  • suction line,
  • suction supports, and
  • measuring points.
To obtain a correct dimensioning, it is recommended to use matching transporting units for a comparison under consideration of all factors. This task is supported by the PUMPselector: The online tool helps users to find the right pump for every application. Important parameters for the dimensioning are entered into a form. Afterwards, a non-binding inquiry can be submitted. Back