Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance refers to the repair of defective objects. It returns defective pumps or parts that are no longer functional to a functional condition.


Why is the corrective maintenance of pumps important?

In many areas of the industry, pumps are indispensable to ensure the flawless process cycles. Special attention must therefore be paid to their condition.


How is corrective maintenance generally performed?

Pumps have to be built to withstand cavitation and abrasion in their respective application area as long as possible. Pumps with high operational reliability have a long service life, which saves cost for the operating company in turn. A regular inspection of the pumps also contributes to an increase in service life. Here, the focus is on the condition of the pump in order to take measures for repair and upkeep in case of wear or defects. After the analysis of the condition, which is generally offered by the pump manufacturer, the costs and measures can be weighed up. The affected parts are then repaired or replaced for corrective maintenance. The measures taken are recorded together with the final inspection of the corrective maintenance.



  • Corrective maintenance is intended for the repair of the pump or individual components
  • It is generally performed by the manufacturer of the pump
  • It enables a long service life