Safe conveying and refilling with the new sera airPUMP

Air-operated diaphragm pump can be used for many applications

The sera airPUMP is an air-operated double diaphragm pump, i.e. a positive displacement pump with two opposite pump chambers. Both diaphragms are connected to each other via a shaft, but the drive and the pumped medium are completely separated from each other. This allows the use in many different industrial areas.

The sera airPUMPs can be operated with oil-free compressed air. Compared to competitive air control valves, the air control valve consists of comparatively few components, which reduces maintenance times, costs and downtimes.

With flow rates from 22 l/h up to 908 l/h and various designs and sizes, the application possibilities of the sera airPUMP are diverse. Whether in the beverage or food industry, in power plants and chemical intake systems or in electroplating and shipbuilding – sera offers air-operated double diaphragm pumps for all processes.

sera airPUMPs are used for safe and clean conveying and refilling. Because they are self-priming and safe to run dry, the transfer process is completed safely and quickly without supervision – from IBCs, drums and other containers. The sera airPUMP is very easy to install and simple to operate.


The sera airPUMP can be used in the ATEX area and is therefore also the first choice for the decanting of paints and varnishes because it can be used in the standard version compared to the otherwise frequently used electric ATEX pumps. It is considerably cheaper and also immediately available.


sera offers a warranty of five years on all air-operated diaphragm pumps airPUMP. The standard versions of the airPUMP, which cover the majority of all possible applications, are also still available from stock.


– Simple installation
– Simple operation
– Mobile use
– Self-priming
– Immersible
– Dry priming
– Dry running safe
– Suitable for solids
– For viscous media
– For shear-sensitive media
– More economical than other positive displacement pump technologies
– Wide range of applications
– Low maintenance costs


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