EDUR multiphase technology – Innovating applications

The EDUR multiphase technology is well established in the process of dissolved air flotation worldwide and has brought significant advantages to the water treatment industry. Transferring those to other applications EDUR has successfully proven the benefits of its technology within other markets. The company believes that there are even more opportunities for the use of this stand-alone technology and is looking for interested partners in order to jointly develop possible solutions.

The multiphase pumps developed by EDUR have been applied successfully for decades and optimized several applications. The most popular example for significant improvement of a process is the process of dissolved air flotation. By using EDUR technology in a flotation plant, gas can be directly fed to the conveyed medium via the intake line of the pump. Compared to conventional systems, plant components such as compressor, pressure vessel, complex control system and various valves are no longer required. This results in beneficial savings and simplification of the entire plant.

In addition, EDUR multiphase pumps have already proven to be a reliable pump solution in the field of rising markets and emerging technologies such as power-to-X or ozonation for the sterilization of drinking water. Further applications are for example conveying of refrigerants such as ammonia, the liquefied gas market for loading and unloading terminals or specific fields of biotechnology.

Most important characteristic of EDUR multiphase pumps is its high gas conveying capability. Thereby they enable applications with following requirements:
• Gases are to be dissolved in a liquid
• Media with high gas contents needs to be conveyed
• Process reliability has to be ensured when outgassing of the medium can occur

Key of the technological advantage is the EDUR-specific hydraulic design:
Open impellers and bladed diffusers enable reliable and trouble-free operating conditions at gas contents of up to 30 percent without the occurrence of pulsation. The open impellers do not require a hub and shroud disc, therefore the smallest constructional gaps are located between the impeller blades and the stationary housing parts. In these gaps, high shear forces occur in the conveyed medium, which create a dispersing effect – gas bubbles are finely dispersed and larger gas accumulations are eliminated. Due to the small bubble sizes, there is a large total surface between gas and liquid, so that the dissolution of the gas into an unsaturated liquid is accelerated.

In contrast, when using conventional standard pumps with closed impellers, the gas components contained in the conveyed medium typically accumulate in the corner between the hub and the shroud disc to form larger gas bubbles and lead to a constriction of the free flow channel. As a result, cavitation, vibrations and a termination of conveyance may occur.
In order to further exploit the benefits of the EDUR multiphase technology, EDUR is increasing its cooperation with customers and research institutes for the developments and technical design of new plant concepts and technologies.

Frederike Holdhof, Managing Director of EDUR, is convinced:
„For our proven multiphase technology, there are certainly many more (niche) applications we might not know about yet. Our mission is to transfer the advantages of EDUR multiphase pumps to those arising technologies that can gain central benefits. Therefor we work jointly with new customers and business partners to leverage the potential offered by the use of our pump technology.“

Innovation partnerships and extensive testing of trial pumps in pilot plants create a win-win situation on both sides. Quite often, the collaboration between EDUR and its partners turn into successful long-term cooperation when scaling up technical solutions. While EDUR provides the expertise of its development team combined with computer-based simulation and development software as well as established application knowledge many success stories are initialized on the initiative of plant designers, start-ups and technical purchasing departments of existing or future customers.

Source & Pictures: EDUR

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