DÜCHTING an Innovation Leader in Dewatering

New horizons in mining and industrial applications

Since the 1940s, Düchting has built an impressive history in the development of pumps for the dewatering of underground mines. Their expertise covers various industries, from seawater desalination, phosphates handling and a wide range of industrial applications up to offshore oil drilling applications. Originally focused on mining, they have continuously expanded their portfolio from process pumps to high-pressure series. The HPX and WRX series have proven to be the cornerstone of their success story, while their expertise is paying off in different markets around the world.

New goal: Dewatering of open-pit mines

Düchting’s latest goal is to develop solutions for the dewatering of open pit mines. Given their successful past in mining, they plan to implement their proven dewatering technology in these areas. Countries such as Australia and Indonesia are prime examples of thriving mining industries that require efficient dewatering systems to ensure sustainable operating practices.

Innovative technology for diverse applications

Their current applications cover various sectors, including seawater desalination, flue gas cleaning, mining and industrial applications (phosphates, chemicals, oil, gas, etc.). Düchting’s pumps are an integral part of projects worldwide aiming for environmentally friendly and efficient use of resources. Their focus is not only on dewatering solutions, but also on overcoming demanding challenges in various industrial applications.

Future plans: rental pump fleet for maximum flexibility

In order to respond more flexibly to the needs of their customers, Düchting is planning to offer their pumps as part of a rental fleet in the future. This strategy allows companies to use customized solutions for their projects without making long-term investments. Their vision is to make cost-efficient and high-performance dewatering solutions more accessible worldwide.

Proof of technology

Düchting’s experience and the success of their technologies in various markets serve as evidence of the performance of their dewatering solutions. By integrating their pumps into seawater desalination, flue gas cleaning and mining projects, they have made a sustainable impact on the environment and their customers’ operations.

With a strong heritage in mining and a clear focus on innovation and versatility, Düchting looks to the future with confidence, ready to take on new challenges and further advance dewatering technology on a global scale.

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