Sour Water and Amine handling

Located in the Middle East Region, one of the largest Oil & Gas Company in the world, expands its Oil and Gas business to a new field, the Fast Treatment.

This new opportunities due to new Gas Fields is to provide more and more the demand on the market and also to permit to this Leader to win new market in new branches.


In line within the political decision for the future of the country and market orientation, the Gas Processing is looking for high performance treatment plant within the most cost effective reliability. For such projects, it has been decided to look for the newest technologies available on the market, especially for the pump technology of the plant.


The end user made during the FEED phase the preselection of the most reliable technologies on the market and pre-selected the potential technologies to comply with their goal of maximum sulfur recovery. The choice of centrifugal pumps as sealless technologies was during the FEED phase for both types, magnetic driven pump as well as canned motor pump.

For the end user, the choice has been redefined during the EPC Phase and always in line with the sulfur recovery rate, and this has been exclusively selected for the 100% leakage free technology - the canned motor pump!

Due to the very critical and unusual SRU Application, the customer has even participated to the Engineering and Design of the pump with very uncommon design. Hermetic has proven here its name and know-how as customized pump manufacturer in engineer-to-order design and meet the challenges of the end user as per constraints specification and become one of the two major centrifugal pump supplier at this Gas Treatment Plant.


Producer: HERMETIC

Medium Sour Water/ StrippedWater/ Amine Water/ WashWater
Differential head 19 - 150 m
Capacity 1,4 - 180 m³/h
Temperature 40 - 210 °C
Nomimal pressure 16 - 100 bar


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