Largest odorizing plant in Germany for up to 1 million m³ of natural gas per hour

A transmission system operator for natural gas transports up to 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually using an underground transport system that is 4,200 kilometers long. At a turnstile for the distribution of natural gas in Northwestern Germany where natural gas from the North Sea is fed to Westphalia and the Ruhr region in Germany. This gas pressure controller and measuring system is the largest and most important of three total systems that are used to odorize the natural gas for safety purposes.

The old system had an odorant supply of only about 1,600 liters and needed to be adapted to the new technical requirements. The operator thus began its search for a high-performance replacement. The OD 4200 odorizing system with a capacity of 4,200 l, which was specially developed by LEWA, is the largest of its kind in Germany.


In the past, a combined system with components from different manufacturers had been used. However, due to the sheer size of the new system, the company made the decision to rely entirely on LEWA throughout the process of acquiring a new system. The diaphragm pumps used up until this point could no longer achieve or implement the new required amounts. The new system should be able to odorize an entire amount of up to 1,000,000 standard cubic meters of natural gas and less prone to failure than the old system. Originally, only one reserve pump with a changeover on site was used. The high requirements on the new system ultimately led to the decision to hire LEWA. No other manufacturers were able to prove they had the necessary experience with respect to the correspondingly high flow rates and pressure rating.


The LEWA Odorizing System OD4200 has a base area of 4.50 m x 1.95 m and a height of 3.10 m. Each of its three pressure-shock-resistant supply containers is equipped to hold 1,400 L of odorant. LEWA ecoflow LDB metering pumps are able to odorize securely and in the required quantities. Equipped with a sandwich diaphragm made of metal and driven by a motor with a frequency inverter, these pumps not only provide high levels of metering accuracy. They can also be switched off automatically in the event of malfunctions due to the fact that they are monitored by a pressure switch. To ensure that the required concentration of the odorant THT is correct, the metering is controlled via an electronic control system in a control cabinet and takes place over three control lines in alternating mode. To do so, four OCU odorizing controllers are installed in a standard control cabinet.


Producer: LEWA GmbH

Pump LEWA Odorizing System
Medium Tetrahydrothiophene (THT)
Flowrate 1,000,000 standard m³/h
Pressure up to 70 bar

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