Gear pumps for lubricating


A manufacturer of gas liquefaction plants requires high-pressure turbines. The friction bearings of the turbines must be lubricated. The lubricant is Mobil Velocite 6,at 3 mPas, differential pressure 29 bar and 65 l/min throughput.

Medium: Mobil Velocite 6
Flowrate: 65 l/min
Temperature: 20-75° C
Inlet pressure: 1.1 bar
Discharge pressure: 30.1 bar
Density: 0.8 kg/l
Viscosity: 0.003 – 0.05 Pas


The high differential pressure and the low viscosity is a challange for a gear pump. By using very hard materials for the bearings and the gear shafts in combination with tigth clearances the problems of seezing could be overcome.


Producer: WITTE

Size CHEM 46.3-4
Seal Single-action mechanical
Speed 1425 - 1762 RPM
Motor 7.5 kW

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