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The xLC® stator adjustment unit triples service life of the NEMO® pump

Another smart component was added to the product portfolio of the NEMO® progressing cavity pumps: the xLC® unit which is based on the iFD® stator 2.0. This triples the service life of the pump, particularly when conveying difficult, abrasive media – especially for the operator this is a major benefit as the breaks and efforts for maintenance are reduced as well as the amount of spare parts. When wear occurs in the rotor-stator system, this new unit allows the performance of the pump to be re-established by adjusting the tension between the conveyor elements.

It is important for the xLC® stator adjustment system that the elastomer in the rigid metal sleeve of the stator is flexible, which was made possible with the development of the proven iFD stator® 2.0. The xLC® adjustment system uses this characteristic that the elastomer is not vulcanised into the housing but rather fixed through axial pressing. To regulate the tension in the rotor-stator system, the elastomer in the sleeve is extended by pulling or shortened by pressing, which changes the tension between the pumping elements. In case of wear, compressing the elastomer increases the tension and re-establishes the reduced sealing line.



How it works: If the stator has to be adjusted due to declining performance of the pump, the only two setting screws of the system are adjusted, compressing the elastomer in-sert in the metal housing once again. A scale with seven defined stop points facilitates gradual adjustment of the stator with the setting screws while also showing the remaining potential until stator change.


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