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Railway and Wind Turbines Applications

HERMETIC canned motor pumps are reliable and proven components

HERMETIC canned motor pumps are proven for Railway and Wind Turbine Applications

HERMETIC has the largest pump portfolio of hemetically canned motor pumps in the industry and does not only offer many standard designs, but also countless individual solutions. In addition to the single-stage canned motor pump of size 50-160, which is available with motor powers from 4.5 kW to 12 kW, the LC series provides the pump sizes 32-125 and 32-160 as standard solutions for railway applications and wind turbines.

With a delivery head of 59 m and a maximum delivery flow of 75 m3/h (1,250 l/min), the size 50-160 is the solution for high demands. This size proven itself for thousands of times as a hermetic refrigerant pump in industrial refrigeration. Designed for the conveyance of water-glycol mixtures in railway and wind turbines, this pump technology stands for safety, economy and reliability.

Individual, customer-specific adaptations such as a train-specific painting according to EN45545-2, Harting connector design or flexible pump installation are possible. Additional customer requests can also be realized through our flexible pump concept.

Additional information to canned motor pumps and to these can be also found at HERMETIC-Pumpen.



Source & Pictures: HERMETIC-Pumpen


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