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Modular Progressing Cavity Pumps for an even wider range of Applications

FLUX VicoPower Progressing Cavity Pump for all cases
Fig. 1:  The new modular eccentric pump series VISCOPOWER pumps from FLUX particularly gently without high shear forces.


In many areas of the food, beverage or cosmetics industries, robust, durable pumps for thin-bodied to highly viscous fluids are just as much in demand as in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The pumping specialists at FLUX-GERÄTE GmbH have developed the modular eccentric pump series VISCOPOWER for such tasks (Fig. 1). As the successor series to the proven F550/560 progressing cavity pumps, the new drum pumps convey particularly gently without high shear forces and ensure the necessary high delivery pressure even with viscous media. The modular design of the stainless steel pumps allows a wide range of applications (Fig. 2) and increases investment security. For example, four different rotor/stator geometries, pump tubes, motors and motor connections are available. In this way, the pumps can be adapted to any media or system requirements in the event of changing applications. If the operating conditions (e.g. viscosity) change, the user can change the corresponding parts himself. Each pump can be disassembled into its individual modules or seals easily, intuitively and practically without tools via clamp connections. This facilitates maintenance and cleaning.


Quality pays off

All components are manufactured in Germany and are designed for maximum service life and easy maintenance. With the exception of the motor and stator of the rotor, the modules (and sealing elements) are made of stainless steel and are available in ground and electropolished versions for industrial or food applications. Depending on the design, the pumps thus comply with FOOD - EC 1935/2004, FDA, 3A and Ex approval. Depending on the pumped medium and the application, collector or brushless barrel pump motors, air motors, three-phase motors or gear motors for fluids with viscosities up to 100,000 mPas serve as drives. A speed sensor that can be integrated into the motor bearing flange allows indirect volume measurement, and a freewheeling ball bearing in the coupling ensures maximum operational reliability by protecting the pump against incorrect direction of rotation of the motor.

The parts of the FLUX ViscoPower PCP
Fig. 2:  Different rotor/stator inserts, pump tubes, motor connections and motors allow an optimal pump design or conversion.



Source & Pictures:  FLUX-Geräte GmbH

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