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NETZSCH presents new Pump Monitoring and Protection Unit

MultiProtector enables digital damage prevention for positive displacement pumps

The new MultiProtector App from NETZSCH prevents damages at pumps

In addition to regular and preventive maintenance, seamless monitoring of the various operating parameters of a pump ensures the long service life of the system. Furthermore, through targeted monitoring, damage can be localized before it occurs, and countermeasures can be initiated. To further increase your benefits in the field of pump monitoring, NETZSCH has developed a new digital monitoring unit.

From the oil industry to the food industry, pumps form the heart of the complete system in most processes. Unfortunately, depending on the industry and the pumped medium, the pumps are often exposed to extremely challenging conditions, so wear damage is inevitable. In the worst case, this results in a standstill of the entire plant, which leads to high costs for the operator. To reduce the risk of failure to a minimum, critical operating parameters, such as medium temperature, motor voltage or leakage, must be monitored seamlessly. In addition, if specific threshold values are exceeded, a safe shutdown of the plant must be initiated to prevent worse. This is exactly where the newly developed MultiProtector pump protection module from NETZSCH comes in. With the digital monitoring unit, possible malfunctions can be detected quickly and easily via the app, and appropriate countermeasures can be initiated. The tool continuously analyzes data on medium temperature, stator temperature, leakage, overpressure, motor voltage and motor temperature.

If a previously defined threshold value is exceeded, either a warning signal is triggered or, alternatively, the pump can be switched off immediately and automatically. In addition to the definition of a threshold value, the app also enables complete documentation of the error history and live diagnostics. The display is optimized for all mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops.

NETZSCH Progressing Cavity Pump with MultiProtector

In summary, the MultiProtector offers you the following advantages:

-    Adjustment and operation of multiple sensors with one device
-    Easy assembly (Only one device needs to be installed for all sensors)
-    Simple commissioning via app
-    Increased operational safety due to advance warning and shutdown in the event of a fault
-    Increase of the service life by notification for preventive maintenance
-    Easy parameterization, diagnostics and reporting in the MultiProtector App
-    Simple analysis of diagnostic data
-    Optimum condition monitoring via smartphone, tablet or PC


Source & Graphics: NETZSCH Pumps & Systems

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