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NETZSCH presents new hygienic multi screw pump

High efficiency and maximized performance for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries

the new NOTOS hygienic multi crew pump of NETZSCH
To cover even more applications in the hygienic sector with special requirements in the future, the pump expert NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH is expanding its existing hygienic pump portfolio with the NOTOS® 2NSH twin screw pump.


Most products in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries are subject to the highest hygiene and safety requirements. Any risk of contamination of the conveyed medium must be excluded, and the pump's residue-free cleaning must be guaranteed. To further increase customer benefits in the hygienic sector and to be able to cover additional areas of application, NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH has added a new model to its product portfolio: The NOTOS® 2NSH hygienic twin screw pump. A combination of the highest product safety paired with the usual high NETZSCH quality.

Whether tomato juice, baby food or even shampoo, they all have one thing in common: any form of contamination makes the respective product unusable and thus ensures high reject costs for the manufacturer. For the conveyance of the medium, this means the following: On the one hand, the pump must be designed in such a way that any kind of contamination by operating fluids or wear-related abrasion can be excluded. Secondly, it must be possible to clean the pump without leaving any residue. All of this, combined with a continuous flow rate, distinguishes the hygienic multi screw pump from NETZSCH.

The NETZSCH product portfolio covers a wide range of positive displacement pumps, also in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The useful addition of a hygienic multi screw pump to the portfolio allows the customer an even broader range of applications. The new NOTOS® hygienic pump ensures the highest efficiency and maximum performance, combined with total process safety.

stainless steel spindles with a very efficient profile inside the news NOTOS hygienic pump
For safe operation with demanding media, the NOTOS® hygienic pump features stainless steel spindles with a very efficient profile that allows extra flow with low liquid shear.

The pump is based on the model 2NS of the proven NOTOS® multi screw pump series. This series characteristically stands for high flow rates and pressures while requiring little space. "When the pump is in operation, chambers are formed through the two intermeshing, counter-rotating screw spindles in combination with the pump housing. In these chambers, the pumped medium is continuously moved axially from the pump inlet to the discharge side", explains Rainer Gozzer, Business Unit Manager Food & Pharmaceuticals at NETZSCH in Waldkraiburg.

The NOTOS® 2NSH conveys the medium with flow rates of up to 200 m³/h. Pumping pressures of up to 16 bar are achieved. The transfer is contactless, i.e. the conveying elements do not come into contact with each other. In combination with the pump's all-metal design, there are no potential contamination risks emanating from the pump. Even dry running does not pose a risk for the new aggregate.

The pump can also be efficiently cleaned by the so-called "cleaning-in-place process" (CIP) and subsequently sterilized by the "sterilization-in-place process" (SIP). The system is cleaned or sterilized - without prior disassembly - in a circular or continuous process. The combination of non-contact conveying elements with a flange-mounted gearless three-phase motor enables a high pump speed and thus the flow rate of 1.5 m/s, which is decisive for the CIP process. The dead space-free design supports residue-free cleaning. The all-metal design is insensitive to high temperatures, which are crucial for the SIP process.

The new NOTOS® 2NSH hygienic twin screw pump is available in an FSIP® version, enabling easy service and quick maintenance in the plant. Also, another conventional version, which can be optionally equipped with a heating jacket, is available. The heating jacket enables the medium to be conveyed at a constant temperature. For applications where the pumped medium tends to harden or requires temperature regulation to ensure high quality, this pump is perfect.

The new NOTOS® 2NSH has a FSIP® (Full Service in Place) design
In FSIP® (Full Service in Place) design, the NOTOS® 2NSH has a special pump housing that allows quick and easy disassembly of the pump without disconnecting the unit from the pipeline.

With decades of experience in the market for positive displacement pumps, NETZSCH has been able to position itself successfully over the years in a wide range of industries. The well-thought-out and useful expansion of the product portfolio in the hygienic sector will enable customers to use it for various other applications in the future.


For more detailed information feel free to contact NETZSCH directly.



Source & Pictures: NETZSCH

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