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LEWA ensures the highest production reliability

The aseptic diaphragm pump from LEWA

In homogenization applications, you benefit tremendously from the fact that diaphragm pumps are designed for robust 24/7 continuous operation without significant wear.
A hermetically tight working space allows for a continuous cleaning process (CIP/SIP) followed by interruption-free production processes. (Source: LEWA GmbH)


Listeria in cheese, E. Coli bacteria in meat and salmonella in baby formula—food scandals and recall campaigns by major manufacturers have become all too frequent in recent times, damaging the reputations of the manufacturers responsible. This phenomenon has been increasing customer awareness and putting more pressure on the industry. Especially for sensitive products and products with high hygienic standards, it is absolutely imperative to ensure hygienic production through flawless hygienic process steps, as this guarantees microbiological integrity. Here, short-term thermal treatment is recommended, which ensures that pathogenic microorganisms are killed and the shelf life of the products is prolonged. Since high-pressure homogenization may not re-contaminate food products after thermal treatment, it must be ensured that all components being used have a hygienic or–even better–aseptic design, material selection and integration.

Process diaphragm pumps from LEWA are the optimal solution here: They have a hermetically tight working space, which is hermetically separated via the diaphragm of the hydraulic chamber and process environment. This prevents inward fluid space contamination and thus eliminates contamination of the process space including the food.

Due to their design, diaphragm pumps work without dynamic sealing systems. Therefore, there is neither an emission nor a substrate outlet to the outside, nor a germ entry to the inside, so that contamination of the fluid can be excluded. Thus, the diaphragm pump is predestined for demanding applications. The materials for the diaphragm pump head also meet the hygienic standards: suitable pump head material such as stainless steel 1.4404 or alternatively particularly corrosion-resistant austenitic materials such as 1.4439 or 1.4462 (duplex) are used. Polished surfaces with an RA value <0.8 μm and fluid chambers with minimal dead space and no gaps may make it possible to carry out CIP/SIP cleaning steps repeatedly and efficiently, thus ensuring sterile operation without dismantling. In addition, LEWA process diaphragm pumps can be equipped with an EU 10/2011-compliant, multi-layer PTFE diaphragm (up to 700 bar), depending on the process requirements and the required pressure rating. For example, in the process of milk production, this essentially contributes to maintaining a process without unwanted microorganisms over the necessary process time until the next CIP.



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