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Professional pump users have a variety of pump technologies available for a wide variety of industries and uses. Learn more about the different types of pumps, their functions, differences and applications. So you can already determine your suitable pump technology. We will gladly connect you with a suitable manufacturer.


canned motor pump

Canned motor pumps are hermetically sealed pumps and suitable for ...

radial pump

The biggest subsection of the centrifugal pumps is the radial pump. ...
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side channel pump

Side Channel Pumps fill the hydraulic performance void between the...
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regenerative turbine pump

Regenerative turbine pumps are centrifugal pumps for pumping pure liquids. ...

axial pump

At axial pumps the fluid is pumped parallel to the pump shaft and ...
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diagonal pump

Diagonal pumps are used to pump incompressible fluids at medium ...
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dosing pump

This description is given by the reciprocating movement of the displacer, ...
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gear pump

The external gear pump belongs to the class of rotating postive displacement pumps. ...
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multi screw pump

Multi screw pumps belong to the group of self-priming, valve-less...
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piston diaphragm pump

Piston diaphragm pumps are oscillating positive displacement pumps, ...
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progressing cavity pump

Progressing cavity pumps belong to the group of rotating positive...
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plunger & piston pumps

Plunger pumps & Piston pumps enable high pressure and flow rates ...
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rotary lobe pump

Rotary lobe pumps belong to the group of rotating positive displacement pumps....
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vacuum pump

The vacuum pumps and compressors are rotary positive displacement pumps...
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hose pump

Hose pumps can be used for pumping a variety of different fluids. ...
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The pumps can be use as:

•    transfer pumps
•    circulation pumps
•    booster pumps
•    high-pressure pumps
•    high-temperature pumps
•    hygienic pumps (for food & pharmacy)
•    laboratory pumps
•    dosage pumps
•    mixing pumps

The pumps are available as / with:

•    horizontal / vertical
•    single-staged / multi-staged
•    sealed / sealless / hermetically
•    self priming
•    immersed
•    API 674
•    API 675
•    API 676
•    API 685
•    ISO 2858
•    ISO 5199
•    ISO 15783
•    EN 22858
•    ATEX / Ex proofment (zone 1 & 2)
•    standardized pumps / norm pumps
•    special / individual designed pumps

Available materials for the pump casings or components:

•    metal
•    stainless steel
•    chronium-nickel steel
•    bronze
•    duplex
•    titan
•    hastelloy
•    gray cast iron
•    ceramics
•    PP
•    PFA
•    PVC
•    PVDF
•    PEEK
•    PTFE
•    UHMW-PE
•    synthetic coal

The following engines are possible:

•    electric motor
•    diesel motor
•    hydraulic motor
•    pressed air
•    magnetic drive
•    special / individual drives


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