Side Channel Pumps

  • low flow - high heads
  • selfpriming
  • gas handling
  • extremely low
    NPSH requirements



  since 1894

Side Channel Pumps
Side Channel Pump SRZS
Side Channel Pump SRZ
Side Channel Pump SOH
Side Channel Pump SEMA
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Contact SERO

Company Contact:

SERO PumpSystems GmbH

Industriestraße 31
74909 Meckesheim

Fon: +49 6226 9201-0
Fax: +49 6226 9201-55
Mail: info(at)

Personal Contact:

Mr. Klaus Reischl

Fon: +49 6226 9201-0




About SERO

SERO PumpSystems GmbH is a family-owned German pump manufacturer. More than 80 years of experience as the only exclusive manufacturer of side channel pumps have made SERO a technology leader in this field, providing customized pump solutions for the efficient and safe transfer of liquids and liquid-gas mixtures. Customer service and sales are handled through a worldwide network of agents and own subsidiaries.




Our product range

  • Side Channel Pumps
    • for chemicals
    • for oil, gas & petrochemicals
    • for marine / ship building
    • for energy technic
  • Hydrophore Systems

    thanks to
    • low flow - high head
    • selfpriming
    • gas handling
    • extremely low NPSH requirements

Member News

SERO PumpSystems establishes SHPmarine business unit
More intensely focus on the business field of maritime pump applications
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Side Channel Pump for Low Temperatures
SERO presents side channel pumps for media temperatures down to -60 °C (-76 °F)
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Side Channel Pumps in Tank Farms
SERO Side Channel Pumps suitable for loading, unloading & transfer of various liquids in this sector.
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Fit for LPG applications
SERO PumpSystems LPG Pumps provide engineered solutions with side channel pumps
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SERO: 125 years of pumping competence
The Sero PumpSystems GmbH has a lot to celebrate in 2019. Even four events!
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