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Ulmer Straße 12
71229 Leonberg

Fon: +49 7152 14-0
Fax: +49 7152 14-1303
Mail: lewa(at)lewa.de
Web: www.lewa.com

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Mr. Moritz Pastow

Fon: +49 7152 14-0
Mail: sales@lewa.de



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About LEWA

LEWA is a world-leading manufacturer of pumps and systems for fluid metering. Our focus lies on metering and process pumps, metering systems and complete systems for engineering processes.
The pumps are used mainly in the oil and gas industry, in gas odorization, in refineries and petrochemicals, as well as in the production of plastics, detergents and cleaners. Additional application areas include the chemical industry, cosmetics industry, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, in the food and beverage industry and energy utilities.



Our product range

  • Diaphragm metering pumps
  • Process pumps
  • Hygienic pumps
  • Systems, packages and production units
  • System components
  • Services for the entire lifecycle

Member News

Vaccine production in Europe
LEWA supplies high-precision diaphragm pumps for vaccine production
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Biomethane conditioning without evaporator
Regulation of liquid propane injection via remote pump head of LEWA
read more
Waste water treatment on oil platforms
LEWA delivers 19 Chemical Injection Packages (CIP) in seven months
read more
CO2-cleaning with LEWA diaphragm pumps
Liquid, supercritical, gaseous: Cleaning of silicon wafers with supercritical carbon dioxide
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LEWA ensures maximum hygienic standards
Reliable, durable aseptic process pump makes key contribution to success
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Augmented reality app enables 3D interior view of pumps
With the AR-App of LEWA you have the perfect insight into the pumps. Now the range of applications has been expanded.
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LEWA ensures the highest production reliability
The aseptic diaphragm pump technology from LEWA, a process diaphragm pump, is an optimal solution in food production.
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Innovation for explosive fluids: LEWA inaugurates container test bench
Controlled safe test conditions for critical fluids thanks to the specially developed container test bench.
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New testing facility for process pumps
High function density and high-quality equipment for innovative product developments
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Follow-up order to the Persian Gulf: Increase in gas production by 56,000,000 m³ per day
Eight additional diaphragm pumps in boxer design and 12 process pumps have been ordered to increase the gas production on a Persian offshore platform by 56 million m³ per day.
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LEWA presents diaphragm metering pump with wide-range speed control
A new wide-range speed control for the proven ecodos pump series to provide products with consistently high quality and to realize a precisely timed, exact metering of all ingredients in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry.
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