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A niche product between displacement pump and centrifugal pump

Side Channel Pumps fill the hydraulic performance void between the positive displacement pump and centrifugal pumps.Side Channel Pumps are used for low flow and high head applications. They handle fluids with gas entrainment of up to 50% and are ideal for handling volatile, high vapor pressure fluids with low viscosities.

Fully open "star" impellers interact with the side channel casing creating an intense transfer of energy to the pumped liquied or fluid/gas mixture. The corresponding pressure increase ( pump head ) equals 5-10 times the amount generated by a similar size centrifugal pump at the same RPM.

Characteristics of a side channel pump

Side Channel Pumps are multi stage pumps of a systeme-kit with 6 sizes and max. nine stages with or without shaft sealing and an additional suction stage to reach extremely low NPSH values.Various materials are available like cast iron, ductile iron, bronze, chrome steel and stainless steel

Benefits of a side channel pump

  • low flows - high heads
  • Self-priming
  • Gas handling
    ability to pump process fluids with entrained gas
  • Low NPSH requirements
    to prevent cavitation
  • low speeds up to 1750RPM
  • steep performance curve
    for precise system control
  • suitable for high suction pressures ( 40 bar )

Range of applications of a side channel pump

Side Channel Pumps are used for these typical liquids:

  • Water, Sea Water, Condensate
  • Gasoline, Diesel, Methanol, LPG
  • Industrial refrigerants like Ammonia, Co2, DME, R-12634yf
  • Aerosols or Propellants
  • Chemicals like butadiene, styrene, caustic or light acids
  • Aromates and solvents like xylene. toluene, isopropanol
  • Hydrocarbon condensates like ethane, propane, butane, pentane
Seitenkanalpumpe (Viertelschnitt), side channel pump (cross-section)

Delivery characteristics of a side channel pump

clear or slightly contaminated fluids without particles

  • Capacity range from 0.3 m3/h up to 42 m3/h
  • Head range up tp 550m
  • RPM from  900min-1 to 1800min-1
  • Liquid Temperatures from -60°C to +220°C
  • Viscosity from  0,1mPas to 220mPas

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