Supercritcal CO2 with Canned Motor Pump for highest performance and reliability for Data Serve

Servers have become an ever more important part in our daily lives because of the phenomenal growth in web hosting and cloud computing. Server reliability is crucial in sensitive industries like banks, insurance companies, major corporations, as well as for government agencies.

Carrier France, a recognised supplier of energy-efficiet cooling systems, has been relying on hermetic refrigerant pumps with canned motors made by HERMETIC for years


The Carrier department „Advante3c“ has compared several solutions regarding efficiency, reliability and space requirements for a current reference project.One solution utilised air cooling, requiring 5000 m³ of air; the second used water  at a volumetric flow ate from 75 to 100 m³/h. The third solution involved cooling with carbon dioxide at a volumetric flow ate of approx. 12m3/h. Following extensive analysis, Advante3c has opted for the third solution: cooling with CO2 as a refrige-rant. The first two options wee rejected due to the required space and the high risk associated with using water to cool a server room.


HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH was selected as refrigerant pump supplier to put this development into practise. Hence, a new pump for refrigeration applications was developed in close collaboration with Advante3c engineers. The CAM 30 series from HERMETIC meets high expectations for performance, reliability, tightness, and the physical requirements for the utilisation of CO2. This pump features a maximum leakage rate of less than 1 gram of CO2 per year at a system pressure of 64 bars. Innovative materials provided the solution, especially where seals were concerned.The special design of the pump within the so-called „Tandem“ design ensures reliable cooling of the motor and effective degassing. With the extensive expertise of HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH in resolving complicated issues in the oil & gas industry, as well as chemical and refrigeration engineering applications, it was possible to successfully and quickly realise this solution-focussed design.


Producer: HERMETIC

Pump CAMV 30/3+0
Medium CO2
Temperature 15°C
Nomimal pressure 75 bar

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