Industrial pumps for liquids below -80°C

HERMETIC pumps are in use at one of the leading manufacturers of freeze-drying and freezing plants. This company is one of the market leaders in the field of controlled ice nucleation in freeze drying processes and vacuum induced ice nucleation and among the innovation leaders in Germany (Top 100).

These freeze-drying systems are customised and exactly tailored to their corresponding tasks and the specific production requirements. With systems that are designed for research or product and process development it has to be ensured that the corresponding process parameters are completely transferrable to the production systems.

This is what creates production reliability. Every system is perfectly fitted and incorporated according to the construction-relevant conditions. Equipment for the pharmaceutical industry in the field of biotechnology:
These pieces of equipment are designed for the controlled freezing and unthawing of product pouches that hold from 4 to 12 litres. The control system of the facility can adjust temperature profiles ranging from +40°C to -60°C (optionally up to -90°C).


Pumps complete the task of conveying syltherm XLT and KT3 silicone oil in the low-temperature range down to -90°C in the secondary circuit.

Refrigeration systems:

  • Two-stage refrigeration units using synthetic refrigerants
  • Cascade refrigeration units using natural refrigerants
  • LN2 cooling via heat exchangers for the utility spaces and the ice condenser
  • LN2 cooling as direct evaporation for the ice condenser


From the operating authority's perspective, the reliability and availability of the pumps at extremely low fluid temperatures is a clear priority. Rapid freezing speed and full control over the freezing process are at the very top of the list of performance specifications for freezers.
The pumps have to be suitable for use in the low-temperature range, run fault-free and leak-free in various dynamic viscosities and densities.
These pumps are mostly running in continuous operation with few starts and stops and suitable for operation via frequency converters in the 30 to 60 Hz range.

Industrial canned motor pumps are supplied for this purpose from HERMETIC.


Producer: HERMETIC

Pump CAM 1/2
Medium Syltherm
Operating temperature -90°C to +60°C
Flow rate 0.5 to 4.5 m³/h
Delivery head 22 m
Nomimal pressure PN16
Motor output 1.0 kW
Material Stainless steel
Pump CNF 40-160
Medium Silicone oil KT3
Operating temperature -90°C to +80°C
Flow rate 4.0 to 20 m³/h
Delivery head 22 m
Nomimal pressure PN40
Motor output 4.5 kW
Material JS 1025 spheroidal graphite cast iron
Pump CNF 50-160
Medium Silicone oil KT3
Operating temperature -60°C to +110°C
Flow rate 60 to 40 m³/h
Delivery head 23 m
Nomimal pressure PN25
Motor output 3.0 kW
Material JS 1025 spheroidal graphite cast iron


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