Refrigeration & Climate Pumps

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine our daily life without industrial refrigeration technology. Be it for frozen foods, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, or temperature-controlled cold storages and state-of-the-art plant or server cooling, modern refrigerants and high-tech installations can be found in all areas. At the same time, the requirements on availability, safety and leak tightness have increased significantly in recent years.

Pumps for refrigerants

The machines and systems in refrigeration technology are subject to continuous change. For example, the introduction of the new ‘F-gas regulation’ has resulted in refrigerants such as ammonia (R717, NH3) and carbon dioxide (R744, CO2) to become more and more popular. Here, the requirements on leak tightness and dimensioning of components increase with the vapor pressure of the refrigerants. Reliability and simple handling of the pumps are also of great importance when it comes to delivering water or water-glycol mixtures.

Application areas for pumps of refrigeration technology

Pumps are used in refrigeration technology at a variety of different locations. In large systems, for example, pumps deliver the refrigerant (e.g. ammonia, carbon dioxide) to the individual evaporators. Due to the high vapor pressure of the refrigerants and the low temperatures (where icing is a risk), hermetic pumps, which do not feature a shaft seal, have become widely accepted for use in this area – such as the canned motor pump, a special design of the radial pump. The refrigerant vapor becomes compressed and cooled in the compressor circuit so that the medium condenses and is returned to the reservoir as a liquid. In many cases, ‘cold’ is also delivered to the consumers by means of heat transfer fluids, such as oil, water or water-glycol mixtures. These media are transported by pumps – often over a widespread supply network – to the locations to be cooled.

Application examples for pumps in the refrigeration & climate area

·    Space cooling
·    Cold storages
·    Plant cooling
·    Server cooling
·    Recooling
·    Freeze drying
·    Deep freezing
·    Refrigerating plants
·    Ground freezing systems
·    Cryogenic applications
·    Air conditioning / industrial air-conditioning systems

hermeticlly pumps for refrigeration

Possible refrigerants / refrigerating agents for refrigeration technology

·    Ammonia (NH3)
·    Carbon dioxide (CO2)
·    Oils
·    Water
·    Water-glycol mixtures

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