Pumps for industrial Cleaning

The industrial cleaning sector deals with the cleaning of surfaces and components of all different types and materials. In general, the cleaning techniques are differentiated as follows:

·    Manual cleaning techniques
·    Mechanical cleaning techniques
·    Automatic cleaning techniques
·    Robot-supported cleaning techniques

Cleaning of components and workpieces

The starting point is the workpiece to be cleaned (cleaning part) from which undesired materials, such as chips, dust, oils, greases, dirt and deposits or other impurities or contamination, need to be removed. Workpieces may consist of untreated or barely untreated pieces (such as steel parts, metal plates, wires), and also of already processed or even assembled parts.

Manual cleaning vs. cleaning robots

Dimensions and sizes can be very important for the cleaning methods to be selected. Long marine shafts are usually cleaned by hand, whereas small shafts for electrical equipment, e.g. as bulk material, can be cleaned using highly automated systems. The external cleaning, e.g. of ships, can be performed by cleaning robots, such as those offered by KAMAT in the framework of high-pressure cleaning.
The geometry of parts is of similar importance. Long, thin-angled boreholes, in which clamped chips may still be found, present one of the challenges in this special field.

Cleaning pumps with high water pressure

In general, pumps ensure the supply of cleaning equipment with water or other cleaning agents and simultaneously provide sufficient pressure. In many cases, pump manufacturers even offer complete cleaning systems.
The decision on which pump is used depends on the specific application and its requirements.


Application examples for pumps for cleaning surfaces and components

·    Surface treatment
·    Parts cleaning
·    Pipe cleaning
·    Metal cleaning
·    Bottle cleaning
·    Box cleaning
·    High-pressure cleaning
·    Jetting
·    Washing plants
·    Building exterior cleaning
·    Ship side cleaning

Pumps for industrial cleaning processes

Typical pumped media in industrial cleaning

·    Water
·    Solvents / cleaning agents
·    Acids & lyes

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