Pumps for fuel filler / tanks

Supplying consumers in the industrial and private sector with fuel is of enormous importance. The shortage or complete absence of fuel would strain the economy or even bring it to a standstill. The service providers established large storage terminals next to the refineries where they store the fuel. From there, the distribution of the fuel to the gas stations is handled by tanker trucks. Depending on the viscosity, centrifugal as well as positive displacement pumps are used in this area.

Refueling pumps for every application area

Transferring fuel from large tanks onto tanker trucks and then into the storage tanks of the gas stations and end customers is done by pumps. For diesel fuel, pumps without ATEX classification can be used in most cases, although zones that require explosive protection may still develop in storage terminals. For other fuel transferred in storage terminals, the ATEX areas defined by the customer apply.

Application examples for pumps used for fuel tanks & storage tanks

·    Refineries / storage terminals
·    Loading stations
·    Gasoline stations
·    Refueling / draining
·    Transport / delivery
·    Recirculation
·    Liquid gas transport

Typical pumped media in filling fuel tanks & storage tanks

·    Oil / crude oil
·    Gas / natural gas
·    Mixtures
·    Liquefied gases
·    Fuel (gasoline, diesel, kerosene)

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