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Pumps in Construction Industry

Limited space drives large cities and urban centers to use underground space as living and usable space, for traffic networks and also as storage facilities at the same time. In civil engineering works and when machines penetrate into sometimes great depths of the earth, groundwater seepage is often a significant problem. In addition, shaft walls must be prevented from collapsing or the formation of dust in certain layers of earth needs to be checked. Pumps are also used for other areas in construction, component and product manufacture, such as the manufacture of building materials and other end products.

Pumps for structural and underground engineering

Hence, pumps are used for all different types of applications in the construction industry as well as structural and underground engineering. In this case, the properties of centrifugal pumps make them perfect for water pumping. But other types of pumps are also used frequently in addition to radial pumps, depending on the respective application.
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Application examples for pumps in the construction industry

·    Water supply
·    Drainage
·    Dust trapping
·    Freeze shaft process
·    Cement production
·    Concrete additives
·    Ceramic compounds
·    Dyeing processes
·    Roofing tile production

Typical pumped media in the construction industry

·    (Fresh) Water
·    Wastewater
·    Sludge
·    Refrigerants
·    Paints / varnishes
·    Bitumen (as an additive)

Successful application solutions

Multi-stage centrifugal pumps with special cryogenic engineering and anti-freezing function
of the shaft seal. Type NH..X

In central big freezing plants, large quantities of coolants are cooled down to low temperatures of up to -50°C. By means of powerful, multi-stage pumps, these refrigerants are then pumped through the widely branched pipe system installed in the mine shafts. As a result, the surrounding soil is frozen, whereby stable shaft walls occur while being sunk which are then permanently be secured using support walls. Furthermore, it is ensured that no water flows into the emerging shafts.


radial pumps

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