Pumps in Construction Industry

Construction Industry is a very broad term, which includes both plant construction, but also structural/civil engineering. Thus, the pumps listed here are predestined for a wide variety of applications in industrial plant construction, such as component & product manufacturing or test & inspection facilities, or for the classic construction of buildings & production facilities, road construction, sewer & underground work and a variety of other applications.

In our modern construction industry, almost nothing works without industrial pumps, as different fluids are required and have to be pumped everywhere. These applications pose special challenges to the pumps in terms of performance, robustness, reliability, maintenance requirements.

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Application examples for pumps in the construction industry

·    Water supply
·    Drainage
·    Dust trapping
·    Freeze shaft process
·    Cement production
·    Concrete additives
·    Ceramic compounds
·    Dyeing processes
·    Roofing tile production
·    Injection molding
·    Plant & machinery construction
·    Road construction

Typical pumped media in the construction industry

·    (Fresh) Water
·    Wastewater
·    Sludge
·    Refrigerants
·    Paints / varnishes
·    Bitumen / Asphalt (as an additive)
·    Plastics / Polymers
·    Cement
·    Concret
·    Lubricants
·    Solvents / Cleaning fluids
·    Chemicals

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