Find the pump technology that suits your application

Easy selection with the help of the PUMPselector

With the variety of different pump technologies, choosing the right pump and finding the right manufacturer is not easy. This is where our PUMPselector supports you.

Simply choose one of the three entrances according to your own knowledge or the information available to you.
Our practical pump selection tool offers the right entry for everyone:

- PUMP SELECTOR with live selection - our "expert mode" for professionals (e.g. engineers, plant builders and Co.)
- FILE UPLOAD, if you already have an extensive data sheet or other files
- QUICK MODE with expert support, if you know only a few parameters

The more parameters you specify for your application, the more accurate will be the automatic selection and enable direct contact to the appropriate manufacturers. If there is not enough information yet, the pump experts of the SPA will first screen your request to find the right pump for your application.

Finally, just enter a few contact details and you can make your non-binding inquiry to receive an offer, further information or support from the manufacturer.

With its intuitive handling, many pump technologies and expert support, the PUMP Selector saves you valuable time searching for pumps for your industrial application.

We look forward to help you.
You are welcome to try it!