Outlet area of the pump

The free cross-sectional area of the orifice in the outlet connection of ...

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Outlet pressure of the pump

The pressure acting at the outlet area of the pump. ...

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Outlet rate of flow

The rate of flow passing the outlet area of the pump from the outlet ...

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Overall efficiency

The proportion of the driver power input, Pmot delivered as pump ...

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Parallel operation

Pumps operating with inlet connections interconnected and outlet ...

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A piece of equipment which when assembled together with others ...

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Here you will find the right pump
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A pump is a machine for transporting / conveying incompressible fluids.

Pumps are available in various designs, sizes and with different functions. Therefore, a distinction of the pump technologies between centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps makes sense on the basis of their functioning.

Pumps are used in almost all industries.

Which pumps are suitable for the different industries can be found on the respective detail sites.