Net positive suction head 3%

The NPSH required to limit to 3% the fall in the total head of the first ...

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An appropriate rounded value of a magnitude to designate a ...

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Normal flow

Rate of flow at which usual operation is expected. ...

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NPSH = Net positive suction head

The margin of the absolute value of the static head above the head ...

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NPSHA = Net positive suction head available

The minimum (NPSH) available at the inlet area of the pump as ...

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NPSHR = Net positive suction head required

The minimum (NPSH) at the pump inlet connection required to give ...

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A pump is a machine for transporting / conveying incompressible fluids.

Pumps are available in various designs, sizes and with different functions. Therefore, a distinction of the pump technologies between centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps makes sense on the basis of their functioning.

Pumps are used in almost all industries.

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