Rotary Lobe Pump

Due to their compact design, high performance and operational reliabilty rotary lobe pumps, which are self-priming, valveless positive displacement pumps, are often used for the continuous and gentle conveyance of a variety of media and their dosing in proportion to speed.
The self-priming rotary lobe pump achieves pumping capacities of up to 1,000 m³/h with a maximum 6 bar pressure and a suction lift of up to 8 mWS. Special designs for specific customer requirements are optional. The media being moved in the process can have low to high viscosity, be thixotropic and dilatant, lubricating or non-lubricating, shear-sensitive, abrasive or – as in this case – highly corrosive. It is even possible to convey mixtures with solids up to a grain size of 70 mm.


Two counter-rotating rotary lobes transport the medium along the walls of the pump housing from the suction to the pressure side. A change in the direction of the rotation of the lobes reverses the direction of flow. Elastomer rotors seal of the pump nearly completely when it comes to a halt while the undersize required by metall lobes does not allow to seal the pump, there is only one exception made by the metall lobes of the TORNADO T2 range of NETZSCH with their elastomer pads on the edges of the lobes they are again able to seal the pump when it stops.


Rotary lobe pumps are equally suitable to transport low and high viscous media. Thanks to their large free ball passage and low rotational speed they are tolerant to blockage and solids. Varying solid content or pressure changes do not affect the flow rate of the pump. Their performance is higher than that of many other positive displacement pumps. As energy consumption is a main part of the life cycle costs benefit is an important reason to decide for a rotary lobe pump.

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