Progressing Cavity Pump

The progressing cavity pump belongs to the class of rotating postive displacement pumps. It is ideally suited to convey a large variety of media, including solid-loaden, high-viscous, shear sensitive or abrasive substances such as sludges, manure, oil and lubricants as well as delicate media such as food, cosmetics any many chemicals.

Construction and working principle

The conveying elements of the progressing cavity pump are the rotor, a sort of round thread screw with high pitch and large flight depth but small core diameter, and a fixed stator, mainly produced from elastomers, in which the rotor excentrically rotates.
Chambers are formed between these elements as the stator has one thread more and double the pitch of the rotor. These chambers are continuously moving from the inlet or suction side to the outlet or pressure side of the pump with no valves needed to seal them off.
One 360° rotation of the rotor defines the volumetric quantity of the pump. As the form of the chambers is fixed, the media is not affected by compression and therefore not only fluids but also solids can easily be transported by this pump type. Any media is conveyed smoothly and continuously with little shear forces or pulsation.

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