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Wherever abrasive, aggressive and toxic fluids and slurries are conveyed, hermetically sealed, oscillating displacement pumps are used. Even for extreme operating temperatures and heterogeneous mixtures with high solids content, piston diaphragm pumps turn out to be the best pump technology for numerous applications. The advanced, unique, patented MULTISAFE® technology with the hermetically sealed, redundant double hose-diaphragm system guarantees a doubly secured transport of critical and environmentally hazardous fluids.

Functioning of a piston diaphragm pump

Piston diaphragm pumps are oscillating positive displacement pumps, whose diaphragms are actuated by an oscillating piston or plunger via a hydraulic liquid. During the backward movement of the piston or plunger (suction stroke), liquid flows into the pump chamber through the open suction valve. The forward movement of the piston or plunger (discharge stroke) fully activates the diaphragm. The subsequent pressure increase closes the suction valve, opens the discharge valve and the fluid is transported out of the pump chamber.

The double hose-diaphragm pump as a consistent further development of the piston diaphragm pump is a hermetically sealed, leak-proof, oscillating displacement pump with double sealing of the wet end from the hydraulic drive end and the environment by means of two hose-diaphragms, which are arranged one inside the other. The liquid is conveyed through the pump in a linear flow path, fully enclosed by the hose-diaphragms ensuring that the liquid is in contact with the hose-diaphragm and the check valves only. Hence, erosion and corrosion are minimized to the maximum possible extend.

Delivery characteristics of a piston diaphragm pump

Flow rates up to 1,350 m³/h and pressures up to 350 bar, depending on size and number of double hose-diaphragms.

Benefits of a piston diaphragm pump

  • minimized number of medium-wetted parts
  • highest process security and reliability
  • broad material selection available, even FDA-conform
  • low-maintenance
  • maximum availability
  • linear flow path through the hose-diaphragms
  • precisely controllable flow

Technical features of a piston diaphragm pump

  • efficient – efficiency factor >90 %
  • safe – hermetically sealed separation of medium and drive end
  • environmentally friendly – water and energy saving
  • overall diagnostic systems for permanent monitoring (Industry 4.0)

Range of applications of a piston diaphragm pump

  • abrasive, aggressive and toxic media
  • heterogeneous mixtures with high solid content
  • pumping temperatures up to 200 °C
  • environmentally hazardous fluids
  • abrasion-free pumping
  • hygienic design
  • gentle transport without shearing effect

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