Certification for use on ships

HERMETIC canned motor pumps reaffirmed according to the 'Russian Maritime Register'.

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Automatically assess cavitation and avoid damages

Cavitation in the pump can cause damage to the hydraulic system. Read here how you can automatically assess cavitation and avoid damage.

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HERMETIC among the 2018 Global Market Leader Champions

From a small, single-owner operation to world market leader: As specialists for canned motor pumps, we have earned a worldwide reputation for safe and long-lasting pumps which can be used for the most extreme applications and hazardous conveying media.

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PUMPS & VALVES 2019 a great success for the pump industry

Star Pump Alliance for the first time present on the PUMPS & VALVES in Dortmund.

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Germany: Nation of Hidden Champions

Germany has the highest number of medium-sized world market leaders.

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