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The risk: incorrect installation of flange gaskets

Pumps draw fluids via piping and deliver them via piping to the consumer at the desired pressure. Flanges with the corresponding flange gaskets are the preferred standard for the connection between inlet ports or discharge ports of the pump and the piping.

Even in the case of standard connections, however, it is not possible to eliminate errors during installation, as reported by the VTH Verband Technischer Handel e.V.: According to a survey, defective or inadequate installation of gaskets is the reason for problems with the seal in 9 out of 10 cases. A proper installation is critical for the function of the seal since it has a considerable effect on the service life, stability, and leakage rate.

In theory, the installation of a gasket should be relatively simple. Practice, however, frequently shows inattentive work, such as the use of used bolts and gaskets or the use of inferior materials.

The advice from VTH is not a complete surprise: Technical retailers provide assistance in the selection of material, organizing the installation, and even in the creation of maintenance schedules. Integrating them avoids costs as a result of defective gaskets.

For installation tips, see [] (available in German only). The site also provides an option for looking up VTH member companies.


Right installation of flange gaskets

Graphic: How to avoid problems during the installation of flange gaskets.


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