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Star Pump Alliance starts webinar series

"Reliable handling of abrasive fluids" was the topic of the first webinar with SPA member FELUWA

This teaser invited to the first SPA webinar last Tuesday
The first SPA webinar with member FELUWA and their presentation to a "Reliable handling of abrasive fluids" was a great success. Many participants had registered for both presentation times. The professional pump users were invited to the free webinar by this teaser in the days before.


A warning against disturbing contents? Although it was something that webinar participants on fluid handling might not expect, a warning label regarding content was displayed beforehand by the speaker of the first Star Pump Alliance webinar. The photos that were shown would make beads of sweat appear on the forehead of every plant operator: corroded impellers and other pump components that were permanently destroyed by abrasion. In the webinar, Uwe Arce from FELUWA Pumpen GmbH explained how to avoid such terrible incidents from happening in your own company.

Arce, who is a sales manager with many years of practical experience, was not only interested in demonstrating the advantages of his own products, he also explained the basics of abrasion and how it can be avoided during operation. "We want to enable users to form their own opinion and optimize their production by gaining expertise," explains Arce. In the webinar, he described the different types of abrasion in detail. Physically and chemically, abrasive liquids can damage the pump components, either through the solids they contain or through chemical reactions of the conveyed medium with the pump components.


Direct exchange with experts

The viscosity of a fluid can also affect the degree of wear, in addition to both solid content and consistency – the thicker the medium, the lower the risk of wear. Declines in conveying speed and conveying pressure can also reduce erosion. Certain types of pumps can also handle abrasive media better than others depending upon design. Here is the expert's advice: "It is essential to discuss the intended use of the pump with the manufacturer to help users make the best choice." Arce also discussed the advantages of direct communication with manufacturers in the SPA webinar. Many webinar participants used the opportunity to ask application-specific questions and to exchange information about practical solutions for various conveying problems.

Arce speaks from experience: With MULTISAFE® double hose-diaphragm pumps, FELUWA offers units that are specially designed for conveying abrasive and aggressive media reliably and with low wear.  The linear flow through the hose diaphragm and the valves ensures that the pumped medium does not come into contact with the pump head or the hydraulic chamber. These properties make it possible for the pumps to handle even the most demanding media, for example in coal gasification, feeding autoclaves, filter presses and spray dryers, in reactor feed, and in the disposal of solids.


Knowledge and competence on all channels

Whatever the required application, the member companies of the Star Pump Alliance will find a solution. "Users should benefit even more from this expertise, especially during the current home office era," emphasizes Kai Stegemann, Managing Director of the information platform for professional pump users. "Therefore, we have been providing information about the entire spectrum of offerings from our member companies in the form of a virtual trade fair with the SPAfair since May. We see webinars as a way to impart even more in-depth knowledge and to support users with specific know-how," continues Stegemann.

The user-oriented topics of the webinars, which are created and prepared by Star Pump Alliance member companies, demonstrate the great strength of the SPA. The association of medium-sized manufacturers combines a wide spectrum of expertise and in-depth knowledge of the industry that benefits all customers. After the start of the webinar series, further sessions are already scheduled.


The next Star Pump Alliance webinars

It is planned to offer two dates for each webinar so that users in all time zones can conveniently participate. Participation in the webinars is free of charge. After the webinar, all participants will receive the presentation and other useful information on the topic, even if live participation is not possible at short notice.
The next webinar is planned for December 2020. More information will follow soon.

The Star Pump Alliance webinars: You can find the webinar overview here!


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